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Mines is a game that might already be familiar to you from your favourite online casino platforms. Currently gaining immense popularity in India, it beautifully blends the classic Minesweeper concept with enticing winning prospects. Seeking a fresh gaming experience? Dive into our comprehensive review of Mines to see if it resonates with your gaming spirit. We also uncover valuable insights about the gameplay, the different game variants, and share expert tips on mastering Mines for potentially higher returns.

Min. Bet₹7
Max. Bet₹70,000
Max. Win₹8,00,000
What is Mines Casino?

What is Mines Casino?

Mines Casino is a popular mini-game in the Indian online gaming circuit. For those unfamiliar, "mini-games" are synonymous with simplicity and accessibility, catering to both seasoned players and newcomers. The essence of this digital casino game is to tap on boxes to unveil rewards. However, tread with caution! Some boxes conceal mines (explosives). Choosing these will not only end the game but also claim the bet you placed. Your winnings amplify with each successful pick. The challenge? To uncover as many rewarding boxes as you can.

Earning money on Mines

How to play the Mines casino mini-game?

If you're stepping into the vibrant world of online casinos in India, the Mines casino mini-game might have piqued your interest. Don't worry, it's as simple as it gets. In the sections that follow, we'll walk you through the process, ensuring you embark on a thrilling and fruitful journey with this casino game.

Choose a Trusted Casino from Our Recommendations

Before you dive into the Mines mini-game, it's essential to select an online casino that hosts it. While a quick online search might seem like the easiest route, tread carefully. The digital realm has its fair share of questionable gambling platforms.

Avoiding platforms that might have manipulated games or withhold your hard-earned winnings is paramount. While this task might seem overwhelming, especially for newcomers, we've got you covered! Our website boasts a handpicked list of trustworthy online casinos, meticulously vetted by industry veterans. These platforms are not just ideal for playing Mines but also come with certifications from renowned regulatory bodies, assuring you of a genuine gaming environment.

Proceed with a Deposit

After zeroing in on a casino from our list, the next move is to sign up. Setting up a player account is hassle-free. You'll be prompted to fill in basic details such as your name, date of birth, phone number, residential address, and more. It's crucial to provide authentic and verifiable information.

Once registered, you'll be a full-fledged member, giving you access to the casino's transaction section. Here, you can deposit funds into your account, setting the stage for you to place bets on the Mines Casino game.

These online platforms present a wide array of payment methods, ranging from traditional bank cards to modern e-wallets and prepaid cards. Choose a payment mode that resonates with your comfort, enter the required details, and initiate the transaction.

Embark on Your Earning Journey

Transactions at online casinos are usually processed in a jiffy, enabling you to start betting and potentially reaping rewards in no time. With your account all set, head over to the game section and pick the Mines game. It's typically listed under the mini-games segment or can be located using the search feature.

On launching the game, you'll be greeted with the betting interface almost instantly. Decide on your bet amount from the given options or fine-tune it using the '-' and '+' controls. With that done, you're ready to engage with the grid boxes and chase those wins. Stay tuned as we further explore the intricacies of the Mines mini-game in the subsequent sections.

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What are the rules of the game Mines?

What are the rules of the game Mines?

As outlined earlier, the mechanics of Mines are straightforward: players need to tap on squares to discover if they conceal a star, which signifies a reward. However, if you stumble upon a bomb, it triggers an explosion, marking the end of that particular round. Every star you uncover translates to a payout, which can be instantly redeemed by hitting the Cashout button. Alternatively, you can amass more rewards by locating a specific number or all of the stars before opting for Cashout.

The Mines Casino game showcases a 5x5 grid layout, translating to a total of 25 clickable squares. To commence your game, the initial step is to place a wager. The betting range might differ based on the casino and the specific version of the Mines game you opt for. Generally, it spans from ₹10 to ₹7,500.

After setting your bet, you can also determine the game's risk level by choosing the count of mines concealed beneath the squares. By default, the game embeds 3 hidden mines, leaving 22 stars to be discovered. The number of mines can be adjusted, ranging between 1 and 15. Naturally, opting for more mines amplifies the potential rewards.

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How to play Mines for free?

With this little bit of information revealed about the game Mines Casino, you have the opportunity to jump into sessions without further delay. But it's always best to play it safe by taking the time to master more of the game's gameplay. And to do so, what better way than to play it for free!

For those who wish to better understand how Mines works by playing it without risk, we offer a demo version of the game right here on our mines.bet website. It is completely free and accessible without any registration or download to be done. This demo has the same gameplay and the same characteristics as the original title. It is therefore the best thing to practice before taking the plunge into real money mode.

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How to deposit on 1Win

How to deposit on 1Win

1win isn't just a top pick for those eyeing enticing bonus offers. The platform places significant emphasis on ensuring users enjoy a seamless experience when depositing funds. The available options for both withdrawals and deposits include:

Payment MethodProcessing Time [Withdrawal]Minimum DepositMinimum/Maximum Withdrawal
UPIInstantINR 300INR 2,000/90,000
IMPSInstantINR 300INR 2,000/90,000
Bank TransferWithin 24 hoursINR 300INR 1,000/50,000
Perfect MoneyInstantINR 300INR 400/7,38,500
Visa Credit/Debit CardInstantINR 400INR 735/73,850

You can kickstart your journey with deposits starting as low as INR 300. However, to fully leverage the generous bonuses offered by 1win, one might consider a heftier initial deposit. What's more, 1win stands out by facilitating cryptocurrency transactions, a feature offered by only a select few betting platforms in India. Opting for cryptocurrencies can notably cut down on transaction fees and processing times, making your experience even more efficient.

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